Privasy Policy

■About Privacy Policy ■

Privacy Policy, XCREAM customers (business operations Cream Co.) is set a policy of handling personal information along with the income that was available XCREAM services.

■ Collection of personal information ■

XCREAM will not consider providing services, such as: mainly on who will obtain information about you for your permission. In addition, the following are illustrative, and the specific nature of the information may not apply to personal information.

・The information you provide
Name (including phonetic), e-mail address and credit card information, any information that is provided to our customers XCREAM

・The information related to the use of the service income
Book purchase products or services offered by providers XCREAM customers present application, are subscribed for other transactions, information and transaction history with information that can identify you are bound
Newsletter subscription information, such as the XCREAM
Information published by scoring points XCREAM
Call or e-mail and other means, or to ask the service provider XCREAM, to participate in polls and campaigns, using the board, and when done, or to evaluate the products and services, or speak about what it described information

・The information obtained mechanically as an opportunity that you have access
IP address used to connect your computer to the Internet, mobile terminal equipment identifier information
Taken as an opportunity to access a Web site that XCREAM, your browser type and version, operating system and other platforms such as the page you are viewing (URL), I was browsing the display or search Information about other products, such as
Besides the above, the cookie (cookie) and access information obtained using such techniques, used by the Group's customer service, information that is collected automatically saved

■ For purposes ■

XCREAM the personal information acquired XCREAM, the following objectives (the "purpose") and will be used for.

1, using customer service as a user XCREAM

To use the service as a registered user of the service XCREAM, the screen automatically displays user information in a variety of identity authentication at login and after login

2, carry out a transaction that provides XCREAM

Book your purchase of goods, such as the present application, when applying for other transactions, settlement, responding to inquiries from customers to contact you from XCREAM, related after-sales service, etc. In carrying out the necessary business transactions

3, such as advertising or marketing XCREAM

Variety of information for customers, including e-mail magazine
E-mail services, postal and telephone information with
Your customers to view content and advertising, your gender, age, purchase history and other personal attributes or hobbies, to provide personalized services through the website including browsing history XCREAM
Analyze your use of the services, in order to improve existing services and develop new services
Surveys, campaigns, exchange of views and information, such as bulletin boards, related to, you can contact the

4 Responses to inquiries from customers

XCREAM made to our customers, e-mail, mail, responding to telephone inquiries, etc.

5, when incidental to other business

Incidental to the above 4-1, in providing necessary services available XCREAM

6, offering to service providers

For service providers, according to the ■ Handling of Personal Information ■, to provide personal information

■ Handling of Personal Information■

XCREAM, in accordance with privacy laws, handle personal information.
XCREAM, to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes, your personal data will be shared use.

Personal data will be shared use is the same as for ■the collection of personal information ■.
The purpose of joint use is the same as for ■the purpose of use ■.
Management is responsible for shared use, creams and Co..

XCREAM the purchase of items reserved for the customer service providers, such as the present application, when applying for other transactions, to the extent necessary to the transaction, the service provider to provide your personal data . For personal data provided in this way will be managed in the service provider. Service providers, in addition to carrying out their trade, by providing information such as post-trading newsletter for customers, and an analysis of customer purchase in order to improve the business operations of service providers, personal data is used. XCREAM is for service providers to comply with privacy laws, we require that terms such as the handling of personal information privacy concerns of our customers. However, compliance does not guarantee that it is not a service provider. For more information, please contact your service provider.

Items of personal data to be provided to service providers from XCREAM is the same as for ■ the collection of personal information■.
As a means of delivery, the management system XCREAM, CD-electronic media such as ROM, analog media such as paper, and so on.
When asked to stop providing services to the seller, please pick up the procedures for ■ confirmation of personal data held, etc. ■.

■ correctness of the contents and safety data■

XCREAM the accuracy of your personal data in order to ensure the latest, you may ask us to help you.
XCREAM is for security when entering important information such as credit card numbers, intercept such information, SSL in order to prevent the tampering or interference (Secure Sockets Layer) and use the technology.

■ Ensure retention of personal data, etc. ■

Customers in the website XCREAM, your personal data held by each, (1) Confirmation (2) add and remove correction, (3) and suspension of use (4) to stop providing service providers (the "Confirm etc. ") and the procedure can be performed.

For your personal data held by such conduct can not be confirmed by the above method, in accordance with prescribed procedures XCREAM, etc. Please make sure your request. In this case, it may take a fee XCREAM. In addition, XCREAM If there are any grounds specified in the Privacy Act, may be unable to accept your request and confirmation.

For the delete request, the nature of personal data held, may not be compatible deleted. In this case, XCREAM, we responded by providing a stop to the use of stop and service providers.

Responded by stopping when a stop or a service provider to provide XCREAM available, in your case may not be able to use all or part of the service.

XCREAM has to store backup data in case of data loss due to force majeure or other failures of computer and human error. This data is backed up, by their very nature, can not ensure such procedures.

If customers use the service of XCREAM, you will be treated as your acceptance and ■confirmation of personal data on holdings ■ about this.

■ More■

The Personal Information Protection Act, the treatment may differ.

■ Contact Us ■

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