Nakazawa mystery tour 'うつろ boat legend' sequel

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"20 Century Tanuki" of the new project is started.
Is the "Nakazawa Takeshi come Japan in as much as possible, immortality and our.
Is consulted on Monday (べにくらげ) Dr. hung has been shrouded in mystery, first reached conclusion that Earth science is impossible.
However, Earth is useless if there is space.
Nakazawa expedition in leaving journey in search of aliens in the small マシーンヒロキ 2000.
Ibaraki Prefecture is hokota, Ibaraki's Kashima-Nada, first of all, aimed at.
The tradition that women space alien craft revealed here 200 years ago the boat appeared obsolete.
A UFO study on the House if anyone knows the うつろ boat legend".
Plays, Nakazawa expedition will find aliens?
And become immortality? Now, cut the beginning of mankind's greatest dreams and adventures were dropped.