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[Jazz album] Yoko Sykes u dont ノー me YOU don't KNOW ME / (total 14 songs)

Product number: TSC・CD-0066
Genre: Audio file
Dealers: Jazz, classic label [Tokyo サウンドシテ ¨]

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Product Information

• By co-starring with virtuoso jazz and vocals! Jazz critic and 岩浪 Yozo-jazz critic singer to really understand the meaning of the lyrics can be expressed in whole and singer good most Yoko Sykes Japan / Segawa Masahisa YOU DON ' T KNOW ME you dont ノー me? Asked one person after the first mention is Yoko Sykes.
 Julie say results on the first work as a jazz album in the or. Jazz spirit with her jazz feeling is often out bluesy song "Kansas City" utilizing the first rock beat, would be overwhelmed. Representation through the average native English, swing jazz also comes with heart. Also sense of humor Stratton-up & fly light and familiar "orange coloured sky" is unique to her, Nat King Cole. Further co-stars, is the best musicians in L.A, George ギャフニー was called the genius song ban John hard ( b ) mainly ( sax ) Ray piggy also attended and liven up the song.

I liked in this album, and often repeated listening.
 Jazz critic and 岩浪 Yozo??, the Kansas City song 1.Kansas 5:16-2.You Don ' t Know Me you dont know 5:23 sometimes 3.Sometimes I'm Happy and I'm 3:38 4 My One And Only Love my-one-&-only love 3:37 5.It's All Right With Me it's-all, light, Wiz, 3:47 6.You Go To My Head You go to my head 5:53 7.Orange Colored Sky orange-coloured 3:42 8. Be Witched bee-5:38 9. So Nice so-3:55 10. Autumn, autumn In New York, in 6:30 11. On on-the-street-wear and Yu live The Street Where You Live 6:20 12. Green 2:51 13. Straighten Up And Right Fly Stratton-up and fly-light 3:25 14. All-all the way The Way 5:19?? musician Yoko Sykes (vocals) Yoko Sikes (Vocal) George ギャフニー (piano) George Gaffney (Piano) John W.Heard(Bass (bass) John hard) (tenor sax, flute) Ray Peggy Ray Pizzy (Tenor Sax & Flute) Hiroyuki Kondo Kondo, Hiroyuki (drums) Izumi Kato Kato Izumi (Drums) (guitar) ( Guitar)