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[Voice] "is the driving force behind"desire"or"fear"? "(Ed. プレゼンシング)


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• [Executive care series is a program to coordinate the modalities of body and mind necessary for balanced Executive vision realized.
Talk tips ボディコーディネーター is much under snow to achieve Kazuhito Tatsuya visionary partner balance of human growth and happiness and business success listener, from various angles, I.

To achieve the vision (future) from the perspective of the プレゼンシング (current), than help ( way ) of mind and body Being matched to the current implementation.
"Motivation is the theme of business on overlooked".
What is the real motivation for your business?
Will continue its business and motivation came from where?
Reasons for choosing commercial materials and products covered are?
Unconsciously or consciously haven't will business based on the fear of or.

Behavior based on fear creates fear eventually.

Talk about motivation produce a positive result in this audio file "エグゼクティブケア" (ed. プレゼンシング), I.
Points: fish and clarity from the fish under the own experience point affects the clinical experience of accurate far into your awareness: vision and physical relation to tell. Point: you can by using vision Sciences and listen more deeply and understand the theme and applications.